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Cable Route Desktop Studies

Cable Route Desktop Studies

The Cable Route Desktop Studies gives a quick overview of the locations of ships, wharves, and underground cables. The surveying is simplified with the use of aerial photographs. Our Cable Route Desktop Studies add a complete marine solution to your business. We can provide you with the location of any cable route in your chosen area.

Use of Cable Route Desktop Studies

  • To understand different cable routes for scales & speeds- Cable route desktop studies are used to understand cable routes with different scales and speeds. These studies allow us to interpret the data at different speeds and scales. They also provide more information than just the cable topology and its location, which is typically found using traditional surveys.
  • Assess the overall design and function of a cable route- Cable route desktop studies are an excellent way to assess the overall design and function of your cable route. These studies help you determine the most cost-effective route for your application and assess modal performance in relation to project costs and design criteria.

Desktop Studies Marine Route Surveys

Cable route studies are a major strand of marine studies. We survey the seabed by means of a cable towed behind a vessel, dragging this line over the sea floor in long straight sections of about 50m lengths.

Find a wide range of Desktop Studies Marine Route Surveys to get up to speed with Marine Route Surveys in less than 48 hours. Designed for any user level, this training pack includes multiple tasks and exercises that will help you achieve proficiency as quickly as possible.

  • Cable Route Design – Power and Telecom
  • GIS Database Compilation and Charting
  • Landing Site Visits and Reports
  • ICPC Compliant Desktop Study Report

The Desktop Studies Route Surveys is an easier, safer, and more convenient way of conducting the survey. We have the expertise needed to create these complex studies and develop them for your project needs.