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Environmental Safeguards

Social Impact Assessment Consulting India

One of the pillars of support for sustainable development is environmental protection. In order to help borrowers (and grant recipients) strengthen their own safeguard systems and build the capacity to manage environmental risks, we, as a permissible Environmental and Social Safeguards firm, work to avoid or, when avoidance is not possible, to minimize and mitigate adverse project impacts on the environment and affected people.

Key Environmental and Social Policies

The preservation of biodiversity, the management of sustainable natural resources, the reduction of pollution, and the use of pesticides, and greenhouse gas emissions are important aspects of environmental protection. These safeguard policies give the staff from the borrower/country instructions on how to choose, plan, and carry out programs and projects. They also offer a way to incorporate environmental considerations into planning for development.

Our expertise in the environmental development include environmental impact assessment, environmental management plan. We provide the following environmental services:

  • Environmental Screening and Scoping
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Preparation of ESIA, IEE documents
  • Preparation of Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans
  • Preparation of Environmental and Social Monitoring Framework
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory/agency requirements
  • Environmental Baseline Survey of Environmental Features

Key Environmental and Social Policies

Key tools for ensuring that investment operations don't harm the environment are environmental safeguards. When writing the Environmental Assessment report, which must be done and is done by the borrower or grant recipient, consideration of the applicable safeguard policies and procedures takes place. In order to improve the "quality" of development decisions and make sure that environmental considerations are incorporated into each stage of the investment cycle, this is the last process created to make sure that decision-makers are made aware of the potential environmental consequences of their actions

Environmental and Social Safeguards

Our teams that are developing social and environmental safeguard policies are closely related to one another. They are coordinated and work more effectively to stop and lessen unwarranted harm to people and the environment during the construction process.


Our expertise in environmental development includes environmental impact assessment and environmental management plans to address important issues in natural habitats, forests, pest management, or any other environmental safeguard issue.

Social Impact Assessment Consulting India
Social Impact Assessment Consulting India