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Gender Mainstreaming Services

Gender Mainstreaming Services

We provide our clients with high-quality research and survey services in difficult environments and create unmatched insights that guide programming, policy-making, and business decisions by locally adapting to global expertise. We work with you to comprehend your research aims and offer in-depth analysis and verifiable data to aid your decision-making as you move to advance your activity, program, or organization.

Gender mainstreaming- an overview

Gender mainstreaming is the process of curating an all-inclusive government policy that does not benefit only one gender in society. It is the act of making a conscious choice of including women’s perspectives in policy-making procedures. By addressing the needs of women, girls, and boys equally, gender mainstreaming enhances the quality of policy-making and legislative work. Therefore, gender mainstreaming improves the effectiveness of public interventions and ensures that inequalities are not perpetuated.

Our expertise lies in gender studies and assessment and we undertake the following :

  • Scoping study/needs assessment 
  • Gender Equality & Social Inclusion (GESI) mapping
  • Development of GESI strategy
  • Gender Analysis 
  • Gender Action Plan (GAP)
  • Implementation and monitoring of GAP

Need for Gender Mainstreaming Services

No matter which century we have evolved to, the difference between women and men will always be highlighted through some or the other incidents, which makes us question the intentions of policymakers at all new levels. Gender mainstreaming services are meant to take these distinctions into account when creating, putting into practice, and assessing policies, programs, and projects so that they are beneficial to both men and women and do not worsen inequality but rather advance gender equality.

Need for Gender Mainstreaming Services

Our platform promotes effective gender mainstreaming in health services, with the goal of addressing -sometimes hidden- gender inequalities in the health sector. As a result, it serves as a tool to promote gender equality. We specialize in gender studies and evaluation and carry out the following tasks: gender analysis, gender action plan (GAP), implementation, and monitoring of GAP, as well as gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) mapping.

Sustainable Gender Mainstreaming Services

It is always beneficial to move everyone forward on this path of upliftment, growth, and development. And no one, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or physical appearance, should be excluded from this process. Hence, we as a reputable gender mainstreaming services platform strive to work towards only sustainable consulting solutions in the face of infinite differences.