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Livelihood Restoration Consulting Strategy

Livelihood Restoration Consulting Services

It is impossible to avoid land eviction or land acquisition during project development, whether it is carried out by the government, donors, or the private sector. Land acquisition will result in both physical (relocation or loss of shelter) and economic (loss of assets or access to assets that results in loss of income sources or other means of livelihood) displacement for the affected parties. Therefore, as a necessary step, we have established physical and economic displacement mitigation to guarantee an improvement in, or at the very least a restoration of, the livelihood of landowners or land occupiers.

We undertake the following assessment:

  • Livelihood Mapping  
  • Livelihood Options and Income Generating Activities of Affected People 
  • Development of Livelihood Restoration Framework 
  • Livelihood Restoration Action Plan/Livelihood Engagement Plan 
  • Technical Assistance on the implementation of LRAP/LEP 
  • Monitoring   of LRAP/LEP

Livelihood Restoration Consulting Strategy

Our livelihood restoration consulting services aim to prevent and lessen any potential negative effects that the resettlement process might have on the most vulnerable members of society. We adopt the following approach as our strategy for livelihood restoration:

  • Our strategy for an effective livelihood restoration policy is placed on the ecological conditions, livelihoods, and socio-cultural characteristics possessed by the landless masses.
  • They support the masses to gain a similar or even better livelihood, independently. It is important that the land acquisition and resettlement process will not cause a dependency on the project which eventually would cause more problems in the future.

Need for our Livelihood Restoration Plant

Our livelihood restoration program takes the form of the establishment of mixed farming on land that is appropriate for the site's ecology:-

  • By using our restoration strategy, we can boost the value added to the products and improve market access.
  • Through training programs and a children's scholarship program, all of our livelihood restoration plans are centered on the development of skills and knowledge.

The usefulness of the Sustainable Livelihood Restoration Consulting Services

We strive to act on not just one but multiple ways to deepen our understanding of community livelihood and poverty. Thus, our consulting firm's framework describes the main factors affecting the livelihood of the vulnerable person/household.

We provide the best, independent, specialist advice and implementation support to organizations across industries. This concept also can be used for planning development programs and assessing the contributions that have been made in relation to community empowerment activities for livelihood restoration.