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 urban development

Cities are the centers of economic and commercial hubs of any country. They are the focal points for education, business, infrastructure, education, healthcare, entertainment, industry etc. A sustainable development of a city signifies it has the adequate infrastructure of water supply, power sources, sewerage network, waste disposal and treatment systems and slum restoration and development. PJRCS provides environmental and social consultancy and advisory services in the domains of water supply and sewerage management, waste management and slum development. Core subsectors include following:

From redefining urban environments to building rural infrastructure, PJRCS works with landscape architects, engineers, and architects to provide focused developmental planning and design structures. As a top-rated Urban Development Consulting Firm, we provide documents that guide policy, strategy, and site configuration. To promote social quality, economic growth, and environmental sustainability, we use cutting-edge modeling tools, analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and work closely with communities.

  • Urban Water Supply
  • Water Transmission and Distribution
  • Sewerage System
  • Urban Roads
  • Slums Rehabilitation
  • Metro Rail
  • MRTS

Need for urban development consulting firms

We come among the list of top Urban Development Infrastructure Consulting Firms. The cornerstone of our urban planning and consulting practice is obtaining integrated and cutting-edge services to accomplish those goals.

In addition to helping our clients meet high sustainability standards, we also help them manage project costs and complete the entire development cycle. Count on us for planning and consulting services to set the course for future construction and renovation of structures, campuses, infrastructure, cities, and regions.

Our USP- Urban and Water Consulting

PJRCS offers environmental and social consulting and advisory services in the areas of waste management, slum development, and water supply and sewerage management. get strategic support for urban development that is designed to implement, evaluate, and improve urban systems and institutions.

We also address and assist on issues such as poverty reduction, sustainable infrastructure, gender and inclusion, economic development, risk reduction and resilience, bio-diversity management, and restoration.

Urban Development Planning

Our Urban Development Consulting Firms' comprehensive and doable strategies lay the foundation for effective solutions. This is due to the fact that we take into account all the factors influencing plans, including technological, sociocultural, scientific, economic, and geopolitical ones. We firmly believe that decisions should, whenever possible, be supported by facts and evidence and influenced by the particular circumstances and requirements of your project.

We assist our clients in navigating the regulatory process with ease and ensuring institutional success as part of our urban development planning. We try to do that by employing internal, committed planners who work to identify a profitable and sustainable strategy.

We'll work closely with you as your partner to find the solution, but we'll go further and support your smooth transition into its design and implementation. Additionally, we'll assist you in making the best choices to achieve your broad goals and objectives in order to help you keep up with the quickly evolving marketplace of today.