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Monitoring And Evaluation Services

Monitoring And Evaluation Services

Monitoring and Evaluation are periodically recurring tasks already beginning in the planning stage of a project or program. If correctly followed, both steps allow results, processes, and experiences to be documented and used as a basis to steer decision-making and learning processes. Monitoring is the first step in the chronology of a successful event that is followed by the procedures of Evaluation. PJRCS is creating the entrance to more effective and efficient consumer insights.

  • Plan, design & establish M&E system of the project/program
  • Design Performance Management Framework (PMF)/Project Performance Monitoring System
  • Develop Theory of Change (ToC), Result Framework/Logical Framework
  • Preparation of M&E user guide & operational guidelines for M&E staff across levels
  • Capacity building of key project/program staff for functioning of M&E system
  • Evaluation (formative, baseline, midterm, endline) of project/program
  • Develop evaluation approach/design, sampling design, evaluation matrix using DAC criteria

Monitoring and Evaluation- A General Overview

Monitoring is done by comparing actual results to the plans. Evaluation is done using the data collected through monitoring. Evaluations examine the facts and figures analyzed to help with strategic choices, and improving the project or program moving forward.

Components of the Monitoring & Evaluation system

Our successful monitoring and evaluation system includes all the actions necessary to gauge the advancement of a project or plan and evaluate the success of its objectives. Monitoring and Evaluation services stand firmly on the grounds of a continuous process by which stakeholders obtain regular feedback on progress towards achieving the set milestones and results.

Importance of Monitoring and Evaluation

The monitoring and evaluation department works independently to confirm the projects' outcomes and ensure they have the desired impact. However, a separate occurrence of either of them is impossible. This is because, when conducting an evaluation, data from earlier monitoring procedures are used to analyze how the project or program evolved and sparked change.

Therefore, effective, transparent, and comparable Monitoring & Evaluation is important in further determining the inherent benefits, risks, and limitations of a particular project/ activity. It helps in revealing mistakes and offers paths for learning and improvements and provides a basis for questioning and testing assumptions.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation services focus on the processes occurring during the implementation of a program. At the outset of a specific project, we acquire baseline data, which will be used to compare progress at every evaluation interval and at the end of the program period—contact us for further information.