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Environmental Due Diligence and Audit

Environmental Due Diligence and Audit:

  • Identify and evaluate actual and potential environmental risks in existing facility
  • Environmental risks and liabilities
  • Legal Disputes and grievance
  • Compliance issues related to Environmental impacts, grievance, environmental pollution, health and safety
  • Corrective Action

Environmental Compliance Monitoring –

  • Assessing the compliance status with respect to environmental standards, regulatory framework, various environmental clearances Identifying the gaps between the compliance and the standards/clearances
  • Preparation of compliance status reports.
  • Training at the site and corporate levels for enhancing environmental awareness
  • Preparation of Action Plans for continued improvement.

We have carried out many due diligence studies on environmental health, social and safety.


1. Project Name: Evaluation of Social, Economic and Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy Projects in Northern Maharashtra Revenue Zone

Year : 2022 – Till date

Location : Maharashtra, India

Name of the Client:

Narrative Description of the Project:

Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), one of the premier organizations and a forerunner in India has been working in the field of renewable energy development and energy conservation. MEDA has awarded work for evaluation of social, economic and environmental Impact of renewable energy Projects in Northern Maharashtra Revenue Zone to CRIS. The main motive of the project is to document the contribution of renewable projects on various aspects of life of citizens of Maharashtra State as well as its economy and environment. Further the study would also act as a guide for future project by recognizing steps which led to positive impact on various aspects and emulating such steps for future projects. Similarly, all reasons behind negative impact may also be identified and their recurrence may be avoided for future projects.

Role on the Assignment

Our scope of work includes preparation of an impact assessment framework for social and environmental framework for Infrastructure development in concern village /locality Viz, Road, School, Health Centre, Ambulance facility, Water Supply, Recreation facility, Communication facility other Community Developments. Up gradation of Electrical infrastructure and availability of reliable power at affordable cost, Improvement in overall standard of living, Social & CSR activities by Project Developers/ Industries, Total direct and indirect employment generation, Rise/ fall of pollution level (sound, water and air pollution), Impact on Flora and Fauna, Impact on Agricultural production, Impact on local climate changes, Impact of Human health related issue. The study includes primary and secondary surveys and stakeholders consultations.