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Transport Sector Consulting

Transport infrastructure is one of the fundamental areas for the economic growth of any country. Expressways, national and state highways, rural roads are the country’s lifelines connecting economic hubs, industries, health care, educational, entertainment and other facilities. The construction of expressways, national and state highways and rural roads leads to environmental and social impacts causing loss of land, properties, livelihood, impacts on indigenous people, loss to the ambient environment, loss to biodiversity, flora, fauna, impacts on cultural and archaeological heritage. If environmental and social safeguards are not taken into consideration, this development can cause much damage to the environment. PJRCS has rich experience of carrying out prioritization studies, environmental impact assessment, social impact assessment, conducting environmental and social baseline surveys, preparation of EIA/SIA reports, preparation of ESMPs, preparation of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plans of major transport projects. Core subsector includes:

  • Express Way
  • National Highways
  • State Highways
  • Rural Roads
  • Inland Water Ways
  • Aviation
Transport Sector Consulting
Transport Sector Consulting Firm India