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`Social Safeguards Cconsultancy Services

Social Safeguards Cconsultancy Services

Social safeguards are a crucial tool to stop and reduce unjustified harm to people while the development process is underway. Our social safeguards consultancy services aim to assist and assess the potential social risks and impacts (positive or negative) associated with a development intervention when identifying and designing a project. Among the inherent risks that typically exist are:

With a greater emphasis on positive effects, Social Safeguards Consultancy Services assists in defining the procedures and measures necessary to effectively manage these risks. Regardless of the source of funding, the process of implementing safeguard policies can be a significant opportunity for stakeholder engagement, improving the quality of project proposals, and increasing ownership.

Our specialization in the field of social development, land acquisition, involuntary resettlement, indigenous and policy analysis etc peoples includes the following:

  • Scoping Study and Screening
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Land Acquisition and Resettlement Planning
    • Cadastral Surveys
    • Demarcation and Inventory of Losses
    • Census of Affected Households
    • Socio-Economic Surveys
    • Stakeholder’s Consultations
    • Replacement Cost Surveys and Valuation
    • Entitlement Matrix and Compensation Plan
    • Grievance Redress Mechanism

Indigenous Peoples Planning

  • Scoping and Identification of IP
  • Social Analysis
  • Stakeholders’ Engagement and Participatory Assessment
  • Project Benefit Sharing Mechanism
  • Mitigation Measures

Social Due Diligence and Audits

  • Identify and evaluate actual and potential social risks in existing facility.
  • Social risks and liabilities
  • Legal Disputes and grievance
  • Compliance issues related to Land Acquisition, Involuntary Resettlement, Indigenous Peoples and Health Safety
  • Corrective Actions

Involuntary Resettlement and Indigenous Peoples Implementation and Monitoring

  • Establishment and Effectiveness of Relevant Institutions
  • Institutional Capacity Assessment
  • Capacity Building Training to the Implementing Agencies and Contractor
  • Development of Tools and Technique for implementation and Monitoring
  • Periodic Monitoring Report

Policy Review and Country Safeguard Assessment and Training

  • Equivalence Analysis
  • Country Safeguards Policy Assessment
  • Social Review Framework
  • Social Management System
  • Policy Review
  • Resettlement Framework
  • Indigenous Peoples Framework
  • Training on Country Safeguards system and Safeguards Requirement of Multi-Lateral Agencies

Need for a Social Safeguards Consultant

A growing number of nations are putting safeguards into practice through a variety of investment planning, policies, and rules provided by social safeguards consultancy in an effort to promote more sustainable development. In an effort to avoid creating unnecessary work for project sponsors or requirements that conflict with one another, safeguard policies frequently rely on internationally recognized standards and guidelines.

Various voluntary standards have recently been created to address the environmental and social safeguards required for particular sectors, commodities, and actors. Our areas of expertise include social development, land acquisition, forced relocation, indigenous issues, and policy analysis.

How can our Social Safeguards Consultancy benefit you?

In order to determine whether new potential investments are consistent with agency policies and national operational priorities, all of the major multilateral organizations that provide funding for agriculture and rural development screen new proposals early in the programming cycle. All investment proposals must undergo mandatory social screening to determine whether or not they are likely to trigger any safeguards in those who have social safeguard policies. Here is where we come into play.

The acquisition of land and assets and forced relocation due to infrastructure development are the two most significant social safeguard issues, followed by (ii) indigenous peoples' participation and inclusion (discussed in more detail below). The affordability of public services, workers who have been laid off, and people who depend on the forest are other social safeguards concerns. We offer sustainable consulting, help with technical issues, and advice in the areas of both social and environmental safeguards.


The majority of safeguard systems use a categorization system to identify environmental and social risks, which is a key component of these systems. This is done early on in the project cycle at our agency, and it's known as environmental and social screening.

Social Safeguards Cconsultancy Services
Social Safeguards Cconsultancy Services
Social Safeguards Cconsultancy Services