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Field Survey

With industry-best tools and talent, our field survey technicians manage high volumes without sacrificing quality. We offer standalone and per-footage rates for gathering information about underground or aerial facilities. Our field work order digital administration, combined with the most recent software, makes it simple to integrate with other computer-aided engineering software. The value of the project as a whole can be increased and departmental churn can be decreased by automatically exporting this data to other mediums.

  • Plan & undertake socio-economic survey, census of PAHs
  • Undertake resettlement survey, needs assessment/scoping
  • Develop survey tools, training & administration of tools
  • Data cleaning, triangulation & database management
  • Capability to undertake large scale survey across regions/language
  • Quantitative & qualitative analysis

Need for Social and Environmental Surveys

Our comprehensive social and environmental survey offers knowledge and expertise on a range of topics, including property assessments for potential contamination concerns, environmental impact assessments along with air, water, and soil assessment.

  • It also helps in determining environmental management and remediation solutions as well as gives ideas on dealing with biological and chemical hazards.
  • Recieve regulatory and legislative compliance, waste management policies, sustainability and energy solutions, and human health and safety guidance.

What does our environmental & social consultant do?

Our environmental and social survey consultant combines in-depth scientific knowledge, familiarity with legal requirements, and technical expertise to carry out comprehensive environmental and social assessments. They also determine and reduce risks that could lead to penalties or legal action, make sure that laws are followed, and protect people's health and safety. Our team of consultants carries out both fieldwork and desk research, compiles comprehensive scientific reports on their findings, and makes recommendations for a range of clients and projects.

Best Field Survey Consulting Agency- PJRCS

Our Consulting research and survey experts are here to look after everything for you. We are with you every step of the way, from planning your study to deciding on methods, creating tools, locating respondents, gathering field data, and reporting on the findings.

We provide our clients with high-quality research and survey services in difficult environments and create unmatched insights that guide programming, policy-making, and business decisions by locally adapting to global expertise. We work with you to comprehend your research aims and offer in-depth analysis and verifiable data to aid your decision-making as you move to advance your activity, program, or organization.